Pressure group’s plea to retain town’s traditional pool

Fleetwood paddling pool
Fleetwood paddling pool

Fleetwood’s Save Our Paddling Pool group are urging people to have their say over the fate of the historic 

The group met this week to discuss plans for a new water facility, as part of the £1.25m Five for Fleetwood scheme, which would replace the traditional pool.

Group member Bob Boal said members are adamant they want to see the paddling pool retained, with the splash pad facilities added, and are urging people to make their feelings known before the June 22 deadline.

As the plans stand, Wyre Council wants to construct the splash pad at the site of the derelict outdoor swimming pool. The existing paddling pool would be filled in and the area used for an 
extended play park facility.

Bob said: “Everyone is delighted that the water facility plan is going to happen, but we want to see the paddling pool retained as part of it. We feel the site earmarked for the splash pad is wrong and it would be better suited as an addition to the paddling pool we already have.

“The paddling element needs to be kept and therefore we want to encourage people to go on Wyre Council’s website to make their feelings known.”

Mr Boal also feels the skate park plan is not right.

He added: “We think it is in the wrong place, too, and we also feel there is too much attention being focused on the skate park and the paddling pool isn’t getting a fair crack of the whip.”

To fill in the council’s Five for Fleetwood survey log on to