Port crime revealed on police website

A seed in need - pic for Incredible Edible Todmorden column, February 2011
A seed in need - pic for Incredible Edible Todmorden column, February 2011
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ANTI social behaviour is worse than feared in Fleetwood, a new police website has revealed.

In the month of December there were 189 reports of anti-social behaviour in Fleetwood and 45 incidents of violent crime.

The area covered includes most of Fleetwood but excludes parts of the south western tip of the town.

At the touch of a mouse-click Fleetwood residents can now find out what crime is happening right on their doorsteps.

But the figures are disturbing.

The yobbish behaviour accounted for more than double the number of incidents than for any other crime.

There was a total of 339 crimes logged in December including 16 burglaries, two robberies, seven vehicle crimes and 80 other crimes.

The antisocial behaviour statistics have produced a fresh call for a continued effort to tackle the scourge.

The biggest problems were in the town centre and Lord Street areas which accounted for 39 of those incidents. Twenty nine incidents were reported in the Hodder Avenue area.

Despite massive funding cuts, Wyre Council recently announced it would continue to plough money into keeping police community support officers who they said keep the issue under control. Chairman of Fleetwood Town Council, Coun Terry Rogers said: “Antisocial behaviour is the blight of Fleetwood at the moment. “We have a problem in the West View area as well.”

“It’s a great problem in the town and the PCSOs being saved will help fight these figures. The figures would definitely have gone up if we had lost the officers who stop that sort of thing every day.

“We need continuing action to tackle the situation.”

He added: “ These figures come as no surprise.

“We hear of antisocial behaviour going down in Wyre by 40 per cent but that hides the problems we have in Fleetwood.

“It’s something that needs a continuing effort.

“This is why we as a town council have supported local youth organisations like Tommy’s and Milton Youth Club.

“It is not just in the town centre anti social behaviour is a problem.

“The relatively short Seymour Street saw a high number of antisocial behaviour incidents with six in one month. It was the same picture on Bayside with five call outs to loutish behaviour on a very short stretch.

The new Home Office website www. police. uk allows residents to type in their postcode to see the full extent of crime on their street. At its launch the site crashed almost immediately as 18 million hits an hour froze people’s screens.