Wyre's local election hopefuls

Wyre’s voters go to the polls on Thursday May 2 for the local elections - and all the candidates have been named.

Friday, 5th April 2019, 5:39 pm
Updated Friday, 5th April 2019, 5:44 pm
107 candidates are contesting seats on Wyre Council

The Conservatives are fielding 50 candidates, Labour 41, the Greens six, the Lib Dens four and UKIP three, with three standing as independents.

A total of 50 seats are up for grabs, to be contested by 107 candidates.

The nominations are as follows:

BOURNE ward, Thornton (Three seats)

Howard Ballard (Con)

Emma Ellison (Con)

Kevin Higginson (Lab)

Terry Lees (Lab)

Holly Swales (Lab)

Andy Walker (Con)

BRECK, Poulton (Two seats)

Peter Gibson (Ind)

Sean Hazlewood (Lab)

David Henderson (Con)

Peter Le Marinel (Con)

Stephen Nicholls (Ind)

BROCK with CATTERALL (Two seats)

Rachel Beavers (Lab)

Shaun Turner (Con)

Elizabeth Webster (Con)

CALDER (One seat)

John Ibison (Con)

Philip Stuchfield (Lab)

CARLETON (Two seats)

Tom Ingham (Con)

Barbara Mead-Mason (Green)

Michael Vincent (Con)

Andrew Walker (Lab)

CLEVELEYS PARk (Two seats)

Ian Amos (Con)

Rita Amos (Con)

Penny Martin (Lab)

Wayne Martin (Lab)

GARSTANG (Three seats)

Margaret Anderton (Lab)

Dulcie Atkins (Con)

Robert Atkins (Con)

Alice Collinson (Con)

Nicholas Danby (Green)

Kevin Morrison (Lab)


Niall Campbell (Lab)

Peter Cartridge (Con)

Susan Catterall (Con)

Dianne Hogarth (Green)


Lynne Bowen (Con)

Andy Meredith (Lab)

Julie Robinson (Con)

HARDHORN AND HIGHCROSS, Poulton (Three seats)

Roger Berry (Con)

Barry Birch (Con)

Simon Bridge (Con)

Tom Calver (Lab)

David George (Lab)

JUBILEE, Cleveleys (Two seats)

Rob Fail (Lab)

Steve Parr-Burman (Lab)

Barry Simmonds (Con)

David Walmsley (Con)

MARSH MILL, Thornton (Three seats)

Paul Ellison (Con)

Peter Smith (Lab)

Brian Stephenson (Lab)

Carole Stephenson (Lab)

Ann Turner (Con)

Lynn Walmsley (Con)

Teresa Wilson (Lib Dem)

MOUNT, Fleetwood (Two seats)

Lewie Deery (Con)

Paul Longton (Lab)

David Shaw (Con)

Mary Stirzaker (Lab)

PARK, Fleetwood (Two seats)

Susan Hunt (Con)

David O’Neill (UKIP)

Ron Shewan (Lab)

Christine Smith (Lab)

Sadie Smith (Con)

John Warnock (Green)

PHAROS (Three seats)

Colette Fairbanks (UKIP)

Rachel George (Lab)

Michael Pickton (Green)

David Platt (Con)

Evelyn Stephenson (Lab)

Alexander Tomlinson (Con)

PHEASANTS WOOD, Thornton (One seat)

Andrea Kay (Con)

Sara Wilson (Lab)

PILLING (One seat)

Peter Grant (Lab)

Graham Holden (Con)

Sue White (Green)

PREESALL (Three seats)

Andrew Cropper (Con)

Nic Fogg (Lab)

Anthony Johnson (Lab)

Patricia Johnson (Lab)

Paul Moon (Con)

Phil Orme (Con)

ROSSALL, Fleetwood (Two seats)

Lorraine Beavers (Lab)

Chloe Clarke (Con)

David Gerrard (UKIP)

Anne Martin (Con)

Cheryl Raynor (Lab)

Norah Stuchfield (Lab)

Frances Thewlis (Con)

STANAH, Thornton (Two seats)

John Coburn (Lib Dem)

Michelle Heaton-Bentley (Lab)

Kenneth Minto (Con)

Eddie Rawlings (Lab)

Matthew Vincent (Con)

TITHEBARN, Poulton (Two seats)

Colette Birch (Con)

Lesley McKay (Con)

Tristan Stephenson (Labour)

VICTORIA AND NORCROSS, Cleveleys (Two seats)

Callum Baxter (Con)

Lesley Stewart (Lab)

Jason Taylor (Lab)

Alan Vincent (Con)

WARREN, Fleetwood (Two seats)

Craig Armstrong (Lab)

Brian Crawford (Ind)

Rosemary Cunningham (Lab)

Bernice Meekins (Con)

David Meekins (Con)

Huw Williams (UKIP)

WYRESDALE (One seat)

Stella Charnley (Lab)

Jonny Leech (Con)