Police chief: ‘I’m voting to put my job in jeopardy’

Clive Grunshaw
Clive Grunshaw

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw said a new Labour grovernment was more important than keeping his own job.

Labour has said it will look at scrapping Police and Crime Commissioners should it win the General Election in May.

And despite that meaning Mr Grunshaw could therefore lose his £85,000-a-year job, the former Wyre Labour councillor said having Ed Miliband in Government was the “bigger picture”.

He said: “I love what I’m doing – and I’d love to continue doing it in the future,” he said.

“But the bigger picture is the country needs a Labour government.

“Whether that means I’ll be out of a job or not, who knows? But I happen to think the work I do will continue.”

Ex-county councillor Grunshaw is one of 13 Labour PCCs in a total of 41 across England and Wales.

The posts were created in November 2012 after the Tories scrapped independent police authorities which had been running forces since 1964.

But Ed Miliband believes PCCs are unaccountable.