Police back officer in arrest film row

A mum has accused police of man-handling her son after a video emerged of him being “flung to the ground” during a disturbance in Fleetwood.

The clip, filmed on a mobile phone, appears to show an officer throw the teenager to the pavement as police try to break up the fracas.

Clare Barker is unhappy with the way her son, Darren, was treated by police breaking up a public order situation

Clare Barker is unhappy with the way her son, Darren, was treated by police breaking up a public order situation

The officer can be heard telling him to “get down” before addressing the person filming the exchange. The officer says: “You threatened to assault me.”

When the man, who denies the allegation, says he is afraid of being attacked, the officer tells him: “I’m not going to hit you, you daft sod.”

Police today defended the officer and said he used “reasonable” force for situation.

Clare Barker said her 18-year-old son, Darren, was just trying to protect her.

We are satisfied the officer used a reasonable level of force

She claimed she was accused of making threats to kill before being cautioned for her role in the incident on Poulton Street. Police said two people were arrested.

A complaint has been logged with police, who requested a copy of the footage but said they had yet to receive it.

Mrs Barker, of Mariners Close, said the trouble began after a domestic dispute with her mother, who she had “not spoken to for a while”.

She said: “I got quite annoyed and the police got called. My children came to meet me when the police turned up and I got arrested.

“All my son said to the police officer was ‘don’t hurt my mum’ – he flung him to the ground. I don’t think it’s right, the way he’s been treated.”

It is understood Mrs Barker left the scene of the initial dispute only to return a short time later with a group of people. At that point, police said, the situation “escalated”.

The Gazette has learned her husband was also arrested following the disturbance at around 10pm on July 17.

Sgt Karen Hall, of Fleetwood Police, said the video showed only a “small proportion” of the incident, which included two people being arrested.

She added: “Officers attended a domestic incident, which escalated into a public order situation with several people involved. We are satisfied that the officer filmed has acted with reasonable force given the public order incident he was presented with. I would be happy to talk this through with the man who features in the video.”