Police 20mph ‘gradual’ view

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EFFORTS to bring a “common sense” approach to policing of 20mph speed limits have been welcomed by campaigners.

Residents in Fleetwood and Cleveleys have been in uproar over impending blanket slower speed limits being brought in, with only a few arterial routes kept at 30mph.

But information sent to Fleetwood Town Council shows police will take a gradual approach to enforcement and will largely regard the limits as self-regulating. The information arrived in an e-mail to the council and chairman Coun Alan Marsh said: “The police approach seems sensible. They need public participation to be able to police these things and have no intention of winding up every motorist in the county.”

The 20mph limits will eventually cover the whole of Lancashire and the town council has suggested an alternative list of 30mph roads for Fleetwood. Fleetwood Development Partnership (FDP) raised a petition calling for a fresh look at the limits and spokesman Bob Boal said: “It sounds like a common sense approach and we would welcome that.”

The e-mail from Marc Procter the Lancashire Police traffic management facilitator, said there was no intention to have large-scale enforcement and the police view was that the limits should be self-regulating.