Plan to tackle parking issue

Double yellow lines are
proposed for the Park Avenue and Nelson Road area of
Fleetwood, in a bid to ease congestion.

Following a long wrangle over traffic and parking problems for residents in the area, Lancashire County Council wants to introduce a double yellow line scheme to stop motorists parking and clogging up the streets.

But people living there say it won’t help the situation, it will simply move the problem elsewhere.

They have complained for months over traffic congestion and being unable to park outside their own homes during the week when staff working at Fleetwood Football Club park in neighbouring streets.

Although they support the proposals, Pharos Ward Councillors Ian and Ruth Duffy say that they will keep up the fight for resident-only permits.

Coun Ian Duffy said: “While the restrictions will help, we will still fight for resident-only permits to alleviate problems for residents who are unable to park outside their own homes. Local residents should be in the process of being consulted at present.

“We have given our support for the plans which we believe will make the area more user friendly and much safer.

“At present it would seem that following surveys carried out by LCC the area does not meet the criteria to qualify for a residents-only parking scheme.”

Park Avenue resident Rose Pickering, who has lived in the street for more than 30 years said the double yellow lines scheme won’t work.

She added: “It won’t make any difference, people will still park on them. The only thing that will work is a residents’ parking scheme on the side of the road where we live.

“They can do what they like on the other side.”

Fleetwood Town FC chief executive Steve Curwood said: “We strongly support any initiatives which improve the safety of road users and pedestrians in the area.”