Local solicitors team up with hospice for Will Month 2019

Look after your familys future by making a Will with #TrinityWillMonth
Look after your familys future by making a Will with #TrinityWillMonth

Blackpool residents will be able to update or create their will for a charity donation during Will Month - from October 14 to November 14.

Local solicitors are waiving their fee and individuals are encouraged to make a donation to Trinity Hospice, based in Bispham.
This means lower costs for creating a will - it’s usually more than £100 for a single will - as well as making a difference to the lives of many people on the Fylde coast.
Wills Month also provides participants the chance to think about leaving a gift in their will for their chosen charity.
Legacy fundraiser Devon Park said: “Will Month is a fantastic opportunity for local residents to think about their future and organise their assets.
“We know that making a will can be a daunting and often expensive process, which is why we’re ecstatic that so many local solicitors are providing their time for free and encouraging
residents to donate a suggested amount to the hospice.”
Longstanding Trinity Hospice volunteer and Will Month participant Tracy Dewhurst said: “I’m getting involved in Will Month because I think it’s really important to make a will to
ensure that you leave your belongings to the people you really want to give them to.
“When I’ve made a will in the past, it was for my dad, during a really stressful time, in the late stages of his terminal illness. It was the last thing either of us wanted to do at such a
stressful time, so would encourage others to think about it now when there is more time.”
Appointments are being taken now. To find out which solicitors are taking part, visit the Trinity Hospice website https://www.trinityhospice.co.uk/support-us/trinity-will-month-2019/ or
contact Devon Park at fundraising@trinityhospice.co.uk , or call them on 01253 952564 for more information.