Inflatable warning as boy rescued off Fleetwood

Fleetwood Lifeboat rescued a youngster playing on this inflatable in the sea
Fleetwood Lifeboat rescued a youngster playing on this inflatable in the sea

An urgent warning has been issued about the danger of inflatables after a youngster had to be rescued off Fleetwood.

The in-shore lifeboat had just left the station last Tuesday evening and was heading towards the Wyre Light when Fleetwood RNLI Coxswain Tony Cowell spotted the young boy leaping into the river with an inflatable.

The boy was quickly taken by the current and his friend’s mother jumped into the River Wyre, close to Fleetwood Lifeboat Station, to rescue him.

The situation was deteriorating quickly, so Tony quickly called the in-shore lifeboat back at the station.

The boy and mother were swiftly returned to shore and were able to return home shortly afterwards, cold, wet and very frightened.

Tony said: "They were very lucky.

"Nobody should enter the water near the Fleetwood lifeboat station.

"The current runs at its fastest there and you’ll find yourself in difficulties very quickly.

"In addition, using a small inflatable toy makes the situation even more dangerous.

Children, and their parents, think they’re safer with these toys, but they get caught by both the current and the wind, so will soon take you out of your depth.

" We urge parents not to use any inflatables in the sea."
Tony also advised people visiting the beaches at Fleetwood, to limit their bathing to the area near the Marine Hall, where there are members from Beach
Patrol keeping a close eye on the visitors.
Fleetwood RNLI is inviting local groups, schools and organisations to contact the station and request a visit by the service's community safety officer, to help keep their
children safe in water.