Fly-tippers add to problems of derelict Fleetwood house

A derelict eyesore house in Fleetwood which is deteriorating each year has become a major concern for neighbours.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 3:45 pm
Concerns have been raised about this property on the corner of Poulton Road and Lune Road in Poulton

The property on the corner of Poulton Road and Lune Road is boarded up and has been empty for several years, and more recently has become a magnet for fly-tippers.

There are now fears that the rubbish-strewn side of the house is starting to attract vermin and concerns that if part of the house falls down , it might even injure someone passing by.

Neighbours say they have had enough and that something must be done to tidy it up and ensure it is safe.

The property has been empty for several years

Fly-tippers have dumped rugs, bits of broken wooden furniture and plastic bags filled with unknown rubbish, while there are broken bricks scattered at the side of the house.

The house was once occupied by an elderly couple but it eventually fell empty and it is believed to be owned by relatives.

Linda Somers, 53, of Riversgate, says she has contacted Wyre Council about the issue but says nothing seems to be happening.

She said: “My mother lives just a few doors down and I have been seeing this house every week for years.

“In that time it has gone worse and worse and the state of it is just a disgrace.

“I have complained to Wyre Council about it being derelict but unfortunately they do not seem to be taking action.

“This property is being used as a dumping ground with all sorts of stuff, which is bad enough in itself.

“It is full of birds and goodness knows what else and is crumbling away.

“I believe this property has become dangerous at best and at worst will kill someone if it falls on them.”

Local authority Wyre Council is aware of the issue and says its officers are looking into the matter