Fleetwood father and son karaoke duo raise almost £2,500 for RNLI

A Fleetwood father and son singing duo who have lifted spirits during lockdown now raised £2,458 for the town's RNLI.

Sunday, 2nd May 2021, 2:09 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd May 2021, 2:22 pm
Dion (left) and Wal Mitchinson have not only cheered up thousands of people, they've now raised nearly £2,500 for Fleetwood RNLI

Wal and Dion Mitchinson, who perform under the name of Father and Son Karaoke, have gone global on Facebook and You Tube with their tuneful singing and cheery humour.

The duo performed a live show on Facebook last week to mark their first anniversary and pledged to raise money for Fleetwood RNLI.

They are also set to headline a charity concert at Fleetwood Town FC’s Poolfoot Farm later in the year.

Wal, 63, worked in the entertainment industry for 40 years singing and playing bass in bands before retiring to spend time with his family.

Dion, who lives next door to his dad and mum, Debby, has spent all his life dealing with health issues after being born with hydrocephalus.

The 30-year-old has had a lifelong love of music and has developed into an accomplished singer.

Wal said: “We can’t believe how it has actually taken off, it’s almost like a full time job now!"

A spokesman for Fleewood RNLI said: "Wally and Dion performed their first anniversary concert and raised funds for our lifeboat station.

"We are absolutely delighted that they raised a massive £2,458.

"We want to thank all those that donated to our lifeboat station, via their link and we especially want to thank Wally and Dion for considering their local volunteers at Fleetwood Lifeboat Station."

Apart from singing for the world, Wal and Dion have also raised money for other local charities along the way with their t-shirts, wrist bands and CDs.

The pair have also branched out into doing live weekly broadcasts for the Ex Pat Radio station and reach as far as Australia, New Zealand and America.

and reach as far as Australia, New Zealand and America.