'Dangerous' demolition stopped in Fleetwood after shocking video footage emerges

The demolition of a run-down Fleetwood flat block has ground to a halt after contractors were caught on camera tearing down bricks and mortar with no visible protection in place on the street.

Workers carrying out the demolition of the Marine View Apartments on the corner of Galloway Road and the Esplanade, were seen tearing down parts of the three-storey building using a crane, sending bricks and other debris flying all over the road.

An investigation is now being carried out.

Mark Smith, 60, who lives on Galloway Road and witnessed the destruction, said: “The bricks were coming all over the road. I know they have got a job to do, but still.

“The front of the building was always fenced off, but the back part wasn’t until yesterday.

“I think it’s surprising they haven’t closed the road, especially at this end, because there are children around at the weekend. It could be quite dangerous. They have got fencing up now and I think Health and Safety has been around to inspect the site. When it’s windy here it’s really windy, and all the debris will be going into people’s gardens.

Marine View Apartments

Marine View Apartments

“I think the alleyway behind should be blocked off completely as a matter of safety.”

M&Y Maintenance and Construction cleared out the inside of the old flat block on behalf of Regenda Homes in January, with demolition work beginning two weeks ago.

Once the building has been destroyed and the site flattened, a four-storey apartment block containing 16 flats for over-55s will be built in its place. The development is expected to be completed by Spring next year.

But the work has now been stopped by the Health and Safety Executive following reports from Wyre Council and members of the public.

Picture from video taken by Melanie Ann Smith

Picture from video taken by Melanie Ann Smith

Fleetwood councillor Rachel George, who visited the site yesterday following concerns, said: “I have spoken to the people onsite and they are happy that it’s safe. I’m happy that they have put security fences up, but when I arrived there was debris on the road.

“The people I have spoken to are worried. They are concerned, They feel like their safety is not being taken seriously.

“I think potentially a partial road closure should be put in place when the actual demolition is happening. There are cars that are worth £35k parked on this road.”

She added: “I have spoken to the operators on the site and understand that work has now halted for the time being.

Picture from video taken by Melanie Ann Smith

Picture from video taken by Melanie Ann Smith

“I would hope that Regenda, who have commissioned this work, would ensure that safety guidelines are in place.”

Regenda Homes has now promised a full investigation into the shocking video footage, which was shared on social media.

A spokesman said: “We are working with our contractors at Marine View to carry out a full investigation into Wednesday’s incident. Additional safety measures have been put in place and work has been stopped on the site while this investigation is undertaken.

“Health and safety is of paramount importance to us and we will continue to liaise with the HSE and work closely with our contractor to ensure these standards are met. We would encourage residents to talk to us if they have any concerns at all.”

A Health and Safety Executive spokesman said: “This work was reported to us by the local council and a concerned member of the public (on Wednesday). The work has been stopped and we are following it up with the principal and demolition contractors; these enquiries are ongoing.”

Lancashire County Council has been approached for comment.