Campaigners net six defibrillators for Fleetwood

A campaign in Fleetwood has helped acquire six life-saving defibrillators for the town after a tireless fundraising effort.

Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 6:09 pm
Gill Gallagher with the defibrillator at Dolly's in Fleetwood

Helen Crane and Gill Gallagher have raised around £5,000 to buy the vital devices, three of which are already in place across the town.

The pair have raised the money from raffles, prize scratch card sessions and other endeavours to ensure the devices can be used when needed. The first defibrillator to be bought was installed outside Dolly’s Kiosk, close to Fleetwood’s model yacht lake and boating lake on the seafront.

Two others are outside the Premier shop at Broadwater and outside the Andre’s of Highbury hair salon, on the corner of Highbury Avenue and Chatsworh Avenue.

Gillian Gallagher, William Hargreaves, Helen Crane outside Dolly's Kiosks, at the start of the campaign this summer

Gill, who runs Dolly’s Ice Cream Kiosk close to the public conveniences, said: “If you can help the person in the first three to five minutes you’ve got a high chance of saving their life but every minute after that lessens their chances - so we needed a defibrillator here and at other places across town.”It is planned that one of the other devices will be placed at the Larkholme shops at Larkholme Parade.

And another has been paid for and will be maintained by JT Byrne funeral directors, at the top of Chatsworth Avenue, to help the campaign.

The location of the sixth has yet to be confirmed.

A further fundraising night will be staged at the Mount pub, on The Esplanade, on the night of November 20. Further details on this event visit Facebook site Fundraising Raffles for Defibrillators at Fleetwood Boating Lake.