Pensioner’s exploding shower drama

Elsinore Fire Inside Bathroom
Elsinore Fire Inside Bathroom

A Fleetwood pensioner has told how an exploding shower unit almost destroyed her home.

Jean Leach, 73, of Elsinore Close in Fleetwood, was in the shower when she heard a loud bang “like a firework” and a fire sparked because of a suspected electrical fault.

As flames shot out of the shower unit, she immediately left the room and closed the bathroom door, which fire chiefs said ensured the incident was contained and did not spread to the rest of her home.

She said: “I had finished my shower and was turning it off when I heard an explosion that sounded like a firework going off.

“I then saw flames coming out of the unit and going up to the ceiling.

“I had to use my grab rail and walking frame to get out of the bathroom.

“I then shut the bathroom door and thought of the draught and the fire spreading.”

She suffered no injuries and the fire was quickly extinguished by two fire crews in the incident at 9.30am on Friday.

Les Munday, fire team safety leader, based in Fleetwood, said: “The actions of the woman saved what is a very serious fire from spreading out into the remainder of her apartment. The pictures show very graphically what a fantastic job a closed door will do to prevent the spread of a fire.”