Outrage at new limit proposals

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TOWN councillors have slammed county council plans to reduce the speed limit on the majority of Fleetwood’s roads.

Only Broadway, part of Poulton Road and Amounderness Way will escape the 20mph limit under the Lancashire County Council scheme.

But town councillors are preparing to object to the project which they describe as “over the top.”

Coun Bill Barrow lives on Harris Street which is already in a 20mph zone.

He said: “People just ignore it. You see them tearing down here. They use it as a route to avoid the speed bumps on Blakiston Street.

“I will be objecting to this.

“I can see the point where there are schools, but to blanket the whole town doesn’t seem sensible.”

Coun Dave Shaw said: “It’s ridiculous.

“If you had just one 20mph limit Poulton Road must be a candidate for it but they want to leave that at 30mph.

“I see it every day – near misses at the roundabout outside the Strawberry Gardens.

“To have other roads like The Esplanade which is a major road into Fleetwood at 20mph is ridiculous.”

Coun Ivor Bould, who will also be objecting, said: “I think it’s absolutely stupid.

“And if you are going to stick to 20mph you are going to be in second gear and you are going to use far more fuel.”

Coun Steve Clarke said: “It’s going to cause absolute chaos with cars coming into Fleetwood at 20mph.

“It’s a very awkward one. I know we want to make the roads safer but I think this is going a bit too far. I think it’s over the top.

“I am going to look at it more thoroughly, get a map and put my suggestions as to what roads should remain at 30mph so people can move around the town.”

The county council has defended the plan as cheaper than other traffic calming measures.

Mike Kirby, director of transportation and strategic highways, said: “We are prepared to work hard over the long term to convince everyone of the benefits of reducing speeds in these locations.”

The public has until December 7 to give their views about the limits to Lancashire County Council.