Original plans used in Wyre Light owner hunt

The original plans of Wyre Light.
The original plans of Wyre Light.

Fleetwood Civic Society is beavering away behind the scenes to pin down the elusive owners of Wyre Light.

Several new avenues are being explored and chairman Margaret Daniels says that progress is being made.

The 175-year-old structure is crumbling and there are fears that one day it might fall into the sea.

Campaigners desperately want to preserve it, but tracking down the owner is proving tricky.

Despite the difficulties of finding the owner, the 
original plans detailing the construction of the lighthouse all those years ago are in the safe keeping of Fleetwood man Les Geddes.

Mr Geddes found the framed plan among the 
possessions of his late father Jimmy Geddes.

They are the original plans and detail everything from the construction of the lighthouse to the route carved out of the seabed to be used at low tide to reach the site.

It shows a detailed drawing of the structure including its ‘fixed bright dioptic light’ .

It’s such an early drawing that a street map of Fleetwood only features streets to the east of the Mount.

There’s also an interesting cross section drawing which shows how Fleetwood would look from Wyre Light.

Pharos Lighthouse was called the Upper Shore Light and the Lower Lighthouse was known as Lower Shore Light.

The plan also depicts a fourth lighthouse called the Cater Lighthouse or the Rossall Sea Mark.

The plan suggests it was positioned a third of a mile offshore to the west of the town.

Mrs Daniels said: “We are still working hard to try and find the owner.

“People are in touch and sharing information and we have a couple of new avenues to explore.

“We won’t give up though, we will find out.”