Opportunity to discuss life with arthritis

Coun Alf Clempson
Coun Alf Clempson

A new support group for people with arthritis is on the hunt for members.

The Poulton Arthritis Support Group was set up to give residents to chance to talk to people about their condition.

It was formed with the help of local charity N-Compass as a way for sufferers to share coping strategies.

Coun Alf Clempson, who represents Poulton on Lancashire County Council, attended a recent meeting.

He said: “Although the group will not be providing medical or professional advice, it could help sufferers in Poulton and surrounding areas to get together and provide each other with emotional and practical support. This is a wonderful example of a community based group attempting to fill a need locally.”

The group meets every third Thursday of the month, from 11am until noon, at Poulton Methodist Church.