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This week, Weekly News readers have their say on climate change, fracking and the continuing Brexit storm

Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 12:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 12:53 pm
An anti-fracking march at Cuadrilla's site on Preston New Road

Can we afford not to vote Green?

What a strange week or two. The UN’s IPCC reveals we have 12 years to stop runaway climate chaos. Then during Green Great Britain week, Cuadrilla starts fracking. However, fossil fuels belong in the ground, and should stay in the ground !There seems to be a muddle up by the IPCC with fantasy and fact, 12 years is based on some geo-engineering fantasy. We also have to make some serious choices – geo-engineering soulutions can’t be fossil fuel based or use materials that will run out mid-century. Once you enter this route you can’t turn the clock back. Geo-engineering will become the last tragic act in man’s desperate attempt to control nature. We’re not taking into account that the biosphere is a player, not just a responder in whatever we do, and its trejectory can’t be predicted. Corbyn and May are clueless observers. just watching it all unfold.It all sounds depressing, but we still have the Green party as a beacon of hope, and human extinction isn’t a given. In 2015, Iwas told we should already be voting for the Greens, but I fear we won’t do that until it’s too late. A twin catastrophe will hit home in the 2030s – an unplanned zero growth economy and extreme weather events due to climate chaos .Can we afford not to vote for the Green party, the only party never to have lied at election time ?John Warnock, Armistead Estate, Fleetwood

The law should be used severely

Whatever your views on fracking itself, surely there can only be universal condemnation of the despicable tactics employed by protesters outside the Preston New Road site.The extreme action by these activists – such as locking-on using tyres and concrete, and lying on top of ladders attached to the roof of a van blockading the entrance –had only one impact, and that was to block a busy main road and inconvenience local commuters.Did it stop or even delay the start of the fracking operation? No!The only effect was to waste more police man hours and add yet more thousands to the growing police bill, which today stands at almost £8 million.So who were the victims of this mindless action? The Lancashire taxpayers, of course, who will ultimately have to pay.And were they really local campaigners involved? The TV pictures and interviews proved not.The whole ‘sickening show’ of defiance’ was organised by Reclaim The Power, a south east-based pressure group, which regards the disturbance to the local community as nothing more than “collateral damage”.I, for one, hope that the day’s appalling protests resulted in arrests, and that jail sentences will ensue for the small minority who continue to criminally disrupted the lives of the South Fylde community.Steve Mellor, via email

We should take a Canada-style deal

No one said it would be easy, and the continuing Brexit negotiations show it is far from so.But we voted to leave the EU and leave we must, and not just in name but in reality. We have to be able to make our own rules, control immigration and strike our own free trade agreements.The EU has not been keen to help with this, as giving us a good deal could be seen as an encouragement for other member states to head for the door.But now Brussels is actually offering us a Canada +++ deal and we should be biting their hand off. Theresa May’s so-called Chequers deal is not the right solution and she must ditch it. A Canada-style deal does still leave the problem of the Irish border, but it is not insuperable especially with current technology. Mrs May talks the talk, and she has to walk the walk and follow the Referendum mandate.Paul Nuttall, North West MEP, UK Independence Party