Letters - Town Council is changing, and 'no one is indispensible'

The week's mailbag has letters on disagreements at the town council, social media and losing our wildlife to the bulldozer

Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 12:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 12:11 pm
Does social media pose a real danger to our children?

Big tech firms have to act now

The dangers of the addiction to social media by in particular the young has been obvious for a decade. Yet it has taken the recent shocking case of 14-year-old Molly Russell to force government to threaten action against the multi-billion social media big tech companies, like Facebook and Instagram.

These firms constantly pump appalling self-harm images into the heads of immature, vulnerable young people. Their claim that such harmful content will be removed once they are made aware of it is simply not true.

The benefits of technology are being destroyed by images of hate, blood, cuts, girls hanging, and suicide. Such sick images are totally unacceptable. They must be eradicated. The six tech giants, that include Apple, Facebook and YouTube, must be brought to heel.

The current situation is a disgrace. It permits these firms to amass immense profits on the back of adverts that are deliberately undermining young people’s mental health.

Parents need to remind their offspring that the constant-several hours a day, including while at school – looking at such sick images constitutes a serious danger to their health.

It would also help if schools stressed the danger of these graphic images. At the moment they seem to have opted out despite knowing that, for example, such images are being shared by pupils, even during lessons.

Dr Barry Clayton


Terry can’t turn back the tide

Your recent article concerning Coun Terry Rogers and his intention to form a so-called ‘Independent’ Party is very interesting (Weekly News, Jan 16).

Terry craves wielding authority, and is not prepared to surrender it easily – I believe the the following quote from Shakespeare, “ The lady doth protest to much methinks” is very appropriate to this gentleman.

I have always had a lingering suspicion, that several of the “founding fathers” of Fleetwood Town Council were opposed to Labour at that time. They were concerned at our political success locally, and this was, in my opinion, an important factor in their thinking at that time.

My impression, when I attended my first meeting as one of the two first Labour councillors, was of several people sat around the table, assuming authority they didn’t have, punching above their weight, and full of their own importance.

They also had no intention of working with our County and Wyre Councillors.

At the last local elections, when almost a full team of Labour representatives were elected on a huge vote of confidence, everything changed for the better.

We were now working together for our town.

Coun Lorraine Beavers has put on record our achievements, of which we all are very proud.

A newly elected Labour Council will continue in this manner.

Finally, I say to Terry, please accept our thanks for the work you have done, in your role as chairman, but times are changing. No one is indispensable.

Don’t behave like King Canute, who stood on the beach, and ordered the tide to go back.

Brian Stephenson

Fleetwood Labour Councillor

Paving paradise happens here

I mourn the loss of my hedgehog, who lived peacefully in the garden for three or four years.

His shelter now gone, along with the homes of generations of sparrows who lived amongst the old ivy, covering a rickety fence.

This also protected many living plants, creatures and insects from the wind. Gone too, hacked down with an axe, the little tree and home of the wren.

Every living proof of nature – birds, bees, butterflies, frogs, trees and bushes – are all gone for concrete, for cars, yachts and garages.

It’s not just the rainforests being paved over – it’s here, now, next to you and me.

Pauline Smithson

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