Letters - If the political shambles is getting you down, Mary Poppins can put a smile on your face

This week's mailbag includes letters on the Conservatives, fracking and the continuing Brexit shenanigans, but amid the gloom there's a recommendation to lift your spirits

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 1:55 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 2:04 pm
Benedict Cumberbatch starred in Brexit: The Uncivil War

Time to put the Tories in the bin

Thousands of anti-austerity protesters from all over Britain have taken to the streets of London calling for a general election to replace this failing Tory government.

Britain is broken with this government letting their brutal, neoliberal austerity continue apace.

Privatisation has hollowed out our public services, while insecure work, depressed wages and spiralling housing costs have ripped future dreams and security out of people’s hands.

Four million adults are using food banks and families sink further into debt.

The demand for a general election to sweep aside this shambolic government must be heard all over.

This government has put their own squabbles before the issues facing this country. It’s time to cast them into the dustbin of history.

Royston Jones

via email

We don’t want you here Mr Egan

It was interesting to see that Francis Egan, the boss at Cuadrilla, was quoted in the Times at the weekend as saying “just say if you don’t want us fracking”.

Well here’s something for you to consider Mr Egan – WE DON’T WANT YOU FRACKING.

Our parish, borough and county councils have all rejected your application to frack in Lancashire as have two inspectors, only to be overturned by our “democratic” Secretary of State, with one decision still pending at Roseacre Wood.

You are not interested in helping to ensure there is enough gas for the country for the future. It is all about money.

Money in taxes for the Government and money for the companies who are investing in the company that are trying to get production.

The result? Misery for the residents of the areas. Few “local” jobs and no benefits for the majority.

Take your own advice and go away.

Rosemary Conlon

via email

TV drama made by despised elite

Channel 4’s Brexit: The Uncivil War confirmed the egocentric, Metropolitan elite still don’t get it. All they did was compound Remain’s inevitable loss.

The most noticeable thing about the programme, apart from the slagging off of Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, was the focus on an Oxbridge-educated elite so despised by those living outside the M25.

Harry Brooke

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It should always have been no-deal

A no-deal scenario is what should have happened in the first place, once the country voted to leave the EU.

The EU is more fearful of us leaving than we are. It joins the Remainers in manufacturing facts and figures to conceal, and suppress, their fears.

Denis Angood

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A feel-good film for the new year

After the flatness felt after Christmas, I would recommend the new Mary Poppins film as an excellent antidote.

If you haven’t any youngsters to take, you will still enjoy it.

We took our grand-daughter, aged seven, but all three of us loved it. The London scenes are amazing and there is a wonderful dance sequence with dozens of lamplighters.

There is a very poignant song, Where the Lost Things Go, and the effects, lighting and scenery ARE brilliant.

Emily Blunt is superb as Mary.

The only part I thought superfluous was the cameo role of Meryl Streep!

Apart from that, it is a super ‘feel-good’ film.

Janet Berry

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