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Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 12:00 pm
It will soon be Remembrance Day, and the SSAFA is calling on people to remember the sacrifices of current armed forces personnel

Fleetwood folk came to rescue

Through your newspaper, may we please extend our huge thanks to the Affinity Shopping Centre in Fleetwood.

Having travelled from Harrogate we visited Fleetwood shopping outlet, where foolishly I locked my car keys in the boot of the car.

The security staff were wonderful, as were the two shopkeepers to the left and right of the main entrance – Claire’s and the leather shop. Members of the public also offered assistance.

After a number of hours we eventually gained access to the car. It was very traumatic, but the people of Fleetwood made it less so. Thank you so much.

Chris and Mavis Eyes



Recognise those in service today

As we fast approach the centenary of Armistice, it’s important we take time out to remember the challenges faced by our Armed Forces today. While it’s important we honour the past, we must also show our support to those who serve now.

It’s easy to forget that serving in our Armed Forces means more than defending the Nation – there is also a human price that every member of the military pays. Armed Forces charity, SSAFA’s research shows more than half of those serving have missed once-in-a-lifetime moments in their children’s lives, with nine per cent missing the birth of their child, and 72 per cent being away from loved ones during significant family events, such as weddings and funerals.

Whilst being away from home is accepted to be a part of being an Armed Forces family, it’s important that, in the lead up to Remembrance Day, we take time to acknowledge the sacrifices those currently serving face, appreciating that those moments missed can never be replaced.

Justine Baynes

Director at SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity

It’s time for us to shout ‘enough!’

To frack or not to frack? As Cuadrilla prepares to frack Lancashire, again, the question is answered. The nation and planet will suffer. Except that the nation did not so choose.

Where the informed public thought it had a choice, at consultations, presentations, planning processes, hearings, examinations in public, surveys, it decided overwhelmingly against. Of those who did not, the explanation was, often, apathy.

No, the choice was that of this and of the previous government. It chose against a scientific, economic, social, and moral consensus, ignoring the evidence, to follow the lead of those self-interested and mendacious fossil fuel companies to which it is in thrall, heedless of the probable devastating cost to the home and certainly to the planetary environment and the future of us all.

Blinded by Brexit and by economic problems which are exacerbated by its own growth dogma, it has reached sheep-like for that elusive and unattainable ‘quick buck’, seeking all the time, Trump-like, to render its undemocratic actions irreversible.

We can continue, passive, to observe. Or, we can shout “enough!”.

David Cragg-James

via email

Why do we pay for a royal wedding?

Two events highlighted the inequality in this country.

First, there was the recommendation that senior judges be given an annual pay rise of almost £60,000, even though the Tory Government has said in the past that no public employee should be paid more than the Prime Minister.

Secondly, the taxpayer has stumped up £2m for a Royal wedding of the ninth in line to the throne, Princess Eugenie. She is hardly known to anyone outside Royal circles.

John Appleyard

address supplied