Letters - December 24, 2020

Find new places to explore in county

Thursday, 24th December 2020, 2:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th December 2020, 2:40 pm
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The lockdown of 2020 has brought many challenges.

A great strategy for coping with the enforced grounding is to prioritise your own wellbeing, and what better way to keep your mental health in good order than getting out in the fresh air and finding new places to explore.

With the restrictions, heading out of county has been a no go for many people, which is hard, particularly if you live so close to the idyllic walking territory of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.

Time for a rethink, dig out the local maps, dust them off and discover some superb walking routes right on your doorstep.

A nine-mile circular route that begins from the small hamlet of Abbeystead in the beautiful Forest of Bowland, an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is one well worth donning your walking boots for.

The route is a small section of the Wyre Way and takes you through woodland, undulating pastureland, strikingly beautiful moorland fells, cosy little hamlets and skirts the rather magnificent estate property belonging to the Duke of Westminster. Then taking in the spectacular curved basin ‘waterfall’ of the weir, a great place to sit and admire the view.

The route then takes you back to your starting point at Stoops Bridge.

Abbeystead itself has an interesting, sadly tragic, recent history. In May 1984 a methane gas explosion destroyed the valve house at the waterworks.

At the time of the explosion, North West Water Authority were holding a public presentation to alleviate fears held by local people that the waterworks could be having an impact on recent flooding in the area of St Michael’s.

A group of 44 visitors were inside the facility, 16 died as a result of the explosion, others were severely injured.

The Wyre Way in its entirety covers 45 miles and follows the course of the River Wyre from its mouth where the estuary meets the Irish Sea at the port of Fleetwood, to its source, high in the Bowland Fells.

Sections of the route can be enjoyed individually, each providing its own unique landscape, making walks along sections of the Wyre Way a varied and interesting experience. ‘Keeping it local’ has many benefits and searching for routes to explore close to home can be fun, educational and rewarding.

Helen Barnes



We need politicians who will nail truths

Whenever the Left put pen to paper facts disappear. In comes ideological, class-soaked rhetoric and prejudice.

This has been displayed superbly on two current issues, the pandemic and Rees-Mogg’s attack on UNICEF.

Critics of the government are still unable or unwilling to accept the gravity of this killer disease. Hence, the government is in their biased opinion incompetent. The fact that every country has failed to eradicate Covid is, of course, ignored. It is an inconvenient fact. Spain’s policy of putting the military on the streets to ensure compliance with regulations is ignored. Sweden has now admitted its different approach has been a total failure. Ghastly statist countries like North Korea, beloved by the Left, are in turmoil.

The sooner some people realise that Covid is not a bad case of flu the sooner we may get balanced views about our government’s attempts to combat the virus. Many errors have been made but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

The outcry by the Left against Rees-Mogg for his criticism of UNICEF demonstrates not only a woeful ignorance of that inept organisation but also unhinged prejudice .

The facts are that UNICEF is notoriously anti-West, anti-capitalist and riddled with posturing Left wingers. Rees-Mogg told the truth about this organisation and the truth hurts.

Instead of offering money to save scores of imaginary starving children in this country, children who only exist because of parental neglect and idleness, UNICEF should be financially helping children in war-ravaged Yemen, Chad, the Sudan, India and other countries where, unlike Southwark, rampant poverty and starvation do exist and on a scale we cannot begin to envisage.

Research reveals that the problem in Southwark and in numerous other parts of our country is not lack of food it is child (and adult) obesity.

Rees-Mogg has been attacked for stating the truth. But, of course, he is also attacked by the Left because he is rich, well-educated and speaks with a posh accent. These are anathema to the Left. A look at the number of millionaires in Labour’s ranks, including their front bench, is recommended. Hypocrisy is rife among them. Property portfolios are not rare.

We need more politicians who are willing to nail lies, reveal truths and expose the shameless posturing of the Left who view everything through a distorted lens. They always have, with notable exceptions like Frank Field, and they always will.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Hello to 2021

Merry Christmas to all and enjoy your time with your families. If only it was that simple this year. Most countries have restricted Christmas celebrations this year, with the UK going back into lockdown.

Too many people in the world will find the end of this year very challenging and sadly a large number, heading towards two million, will not be here to celebrate.

Don’t worry, Santa has already had his vaccination and has special travel permissions.

Here’s to a better 2021.

Dennis Fitzgerald

via email