Letters - Another Brexit vote is simply cheating

This week, the readers of the Weekly News have their say on Brexit and Remembrance Sunday

Friday, 16th November 2018, 11:04 am
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 11:09 am
David Cameron announces his resignation as Prime Minister shortly after the nation voted to leave the EU

A second vote is blatant cheating

In my opinion as a Brexiteer, calling another referendum and making the electorate vote again until the majority of politicians get their way is blatant cheating at politics.

It is a dirty tactic equally as unsporting as demanding to take back a bad move in a chess game.

It is trying to get their way by unfair means.

It makes the nation more like a totalitarian dictatorship than a democracy.

Brexiteers are equally as angry at the very long delay of Brexit as are the Remainers because they lost the referendum.

R N Coupe

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Metaphor of a firm’s director

Using the metaphor of David Cameron as company director, consider the following. To placate a vociferous minority of shareholders, he agreed to promote a policy he did not agree with.

Against expectations, he lost the vote against the new proposal. Although previously promising to continue in his post, he promptly resigned. His replacement was not elected by the shareholders, but a clique.

The new board continually quarrelled about how they could achieve the new policy.

To gain more support, the new company director appealed to the shareholders to back her, they failed to do so.

Now even more weakened, the director was reliant on another small clique, not noted for compromise in negotiations.

The director could then stubbornly carry on attempting to provide solutions to what by now, by any criteria, are proving to be insoluble problems.

Those shareholders who had swallowed the belief the new policy would be effortlessly achieved, should now, along with others who had never fallen for this lie, be given a further opportunity to rescind this damaging policy.

Denis Lee

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Jeremy needs to smarten up

Could the followers of Jeremy Corbyn please send him a donation so he can purchase a dark suit and tie?

Future Remembrance Sundays dressed in this attire would honour, rather than insult, the many millions who have died and fought for our freedom over the years.

Jennifer Roberts

via email

The irony was in the poster

I recently had the occasion (well, a man’s gotta eat!) to visit a chippy and, while my fast food meal was being cooked, my attention was drawn to an A4 size poster which read: “Due to hygiene reasons, unfortunately we will be unable to display any posters, adverts or leaflets on our windows.

“Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation”.

And where was this notice placed? In the corner of one of the windows. Is this the best of irony or can your readers find better examples?

The Chippy Man

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Tension is more than coincidence

A friend of mine believes it is just random chance bringing about the current escalation in global tension and that it has nothing to do with US foreign policy.

It made me think that, until recently, it was the ‘conspiracy theorists’ who were thought to be nuts, now it’s the ‘coincidence theorists’ who come across as the loopy ones.

Julie Moss

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