On top of the world

Former Fleetwood man Jake Thompson who is walking to the North Pole for charity.
Former Fleetwood man Jake Thompson who is walking to the North Pole for charity.

When Jake Thompson asked Steve Bennett for his daughter’s hand in marriage he got more than he bargained for.

The Fleetwood man 
decided to do the decent thing 
before he popped the question by asking Steve’s permission to marry Hannah, his childhood sweetheart.

Thankfully, he agreed to his request, but on one condition – he walk with him to the North Pole!

Steve heads a jewellery company in Birmingham, called the Genuine Gemstone Company, and Jake has worked there with him for four years.

Steve is proud of his business’s family roots and, 
because of that, he decided to recruit Jake on the 60-mile trek as an initiation into the family.

Jake said: “Hannah and I have been together for eight years, so I didn’t think there would be any objection from Steve. When he told me, I panicked, but there was no way I was going to back out. And it’ll be a great story to tell our 
future children!”

The pair set off on the 
remarkable challenge on Tuesday to raise money for the Colourful Life Foundation and National Osteoporosis Society.

They set out on the epic 
10-day trek from the 89th latitude, which will see them walk, ski and sledge to the top of the world in temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Steve added: “If Jake is serious about marrying my daughter, this is the perfect opportunity for him to prove his commitment!

“But on a serious note, it’s a great challenge for a great cause.

“I need someone I can 
rely on during those dark and 
difficult moments and I couldn’t think of anyone 
better to accompany me.”