Old Boys Band’s SOS for new members

Fleetwood Old Boys Band practising at Fleetwood Conservative Club
Fleetwood Old Boys Band practising at Fleetwood Conservative Club

A much-loved Fleetwood bugle and drum band which supports key events and charity fund-raisers in the town is at risk of folding.

Fleetwood Old Boys Band desperately needs new members if it is to continue, it has been announced.

The band, formed in 1986 from former members of the town’s award-winning Fleetwood Sea Cadets Band, has been a mainstay of the town for decades and a key feature in the town’s carnival parade.

Although the combo has been in danger of finishing several times in the past, it has always been able to bring in new musicians to keep going, including women members.

But despite celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, chairman Dave Southwell says a key meeting of the band had to be called to due to the concern the Old Boys may not be able to continue functioning.

He said of the meeting: “The band membership voted to continue functioning as a viable band. However, because we are lacking membership numbers in general and in certain sections of the band, it is borderline. It was agreed that if we are to continue with what is a part of the town’s history and an asset of Fleetwood, membership must expand.

“Ideally we would like ex-Sea Cadets to get in touch because they know the drill already and have a head start. We take this opportunity to thank the folk of Fleetwood for their continuing support.”

The band, which gives both marching and static performances, turns out in smart red uniforms and its membership also includes bell lyre players. The only age limit is that members be no younger than 16, and new members can also be taught how to play instruments.

To get involved, the band meets every Wednesday at 7.45pm at Fleetwood Conservative Club on Lowther Road. Alternatively, contact the band on 07577 988191.