Officers working hard to keep the streets safe

On the beat with Inspector Nigel Greenwood
On the beat with Inspector Nigel Greenwood
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CHRISTMAS and New Year kept Fleetwood police busy this year making sure that your neighbourhoods were safe.

There were few incidents in relation to alcohol related crime across the town centre and this was due to the culmination of lots of work that had been put in throughout the year to work positively with the licensees of the pubs and clubs.

As ever, opportunistic thieves will always act when your guard is dropped and I would urge you all to keep your valuable possessions secured at all times.

This is particularly relevant now considering the amount of new and expensive gifts that have been bought for family and friends

Can we also urge you to take all reasonable steps towards securing your sheds and garages. When it is cold we tend to neglect these places and it is often not until the weather is warmer that people notice things have been stolen. Consider investing in a decent lock and always put your valuables away at night. Never assume a would-be-thief won’t look over your fence and enter your garden if you’re not there and there is something out for them to take.

You may also have heard that there’s now a new number for you to use to contact us if you have a general inquiry or to report a crime that has happened.

The number is 1010 and replaces the 0845 number, so hopefully it will be easier to remember. 999 is still the number to call if a crime is taking place at that moment or in an emergency.

Fleetwood police are continuing relentlessly to keep your streets safe, please inform us of any information you may have, no matter how small – your piece of information may just be the final piece of the jigsaw we need to put someone behind bars.