Offering something extra special

Pupils at Charles Saer Primary School in Fleetwood enjoy a music session
Pupils at Charles Saer Primary School in Fleetwood enjoy a music session

THREE schools from Fleetwood have won recognition for expanding the horizons of pupils.

St Mary’s, St Wulstan’s & St Edmund’s and Charles Sear primary schools were found to have given pupils an extra helping hand and a offered wider range of learning activities.

They were among eight schools in the county to be presented with their Quality in Study Support (QiSS) certificates.

QiSS is used nationwide to monitor and evaluate the quality of study support in schools and study centres.

Charles Saer head teacher Carolyn Thackway said: “We became involved in the QiSS programme in September and it has allowed us to expand our range of activities.

“It was already part of our ethos to offer a broad experience to the children, but since September we have set up a Spanish club, a cooking club with parents, a gymnastics club, cheer leading, morris dancing and also offered extra support learning.

“We’re really pleased to get recognition for it, thanks largely to teacher Mike Lees who has led the QiSS effort.”

St Mary’s head teacher Mark Rogan said: “Although we always provided extra-curricular clubs and activities, the QiSS programme helped ensure that the study support we offered our children was even more enjoyable, appropriate, well-planned and meaningful. The school was delighted to receive the award and now we want to go on to broaden the scope and increase the amount and quality of our study support and evaluate carefully what we do so that it always meets the needs of our children and our families.”

And St Wulstan’s & St Edmund’s head Sharon Jones said: “A lot of these learning activities have been based on what the children want to learn rather than what they have been told to learn.

“As a result there has been an incredible take-up of places at the clubs.

Principal adviser on QiSS, Mike Snelson said: “All the schools are to be congratulated on providing extensive, high quality extended learning opportunities for their pupils.”