Northern train company: Is it time to give someone else a go?

Northern train company - the gift that keeps on giving.

Monday, 20th August 2018, 12:33 pm
Updated Monday, 20th August 2018, 12:40 pm
Caroline Guilfoyles fantastic picture of the Red Arrows above the Tower

The embattled rail operator sparked yet more ridicule when it cancelled Blackpool-bound trains during last Sunday’s air show – an event it was sponsoring.

It sparked incredulity from rail users and our readers who were left astounded by Northern’s latest PR disaster.

Train services from Colne to Blackpool South - via Kirkham, Lytham, St Annes and Squires Gate – were halved as hundreds travelled to the resort.

Caroline Guilfoyles fantastic picture of the Red Arrows above the Tower

The hourly service into Blackpool South from Colne were operating every two hours instead of every hour.

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Train operator Northern scraps trains bringing aviation fans to Blackpool Air sh...

Northern apologised, blaming engineering work delays which disrupted crew rescheduling.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies said: “I am astounded Northern Rail cancelled services yet again on our Blackpool South line. If it cannot provide the services on its timetable, it is time to bring in someone who can.”

Northern Rail is under fire again

Here are your views

This is an absolute disgrace.

They sponsor the air show, then cancel the trains to get people there.

In the Blackpool area Blackpool Transport will be loving this....They will have a very profitable year, as at least half of the cancelled trains have been replaced by their buses

A packed promenade on the Sunday of the Blackpool Air Show.

Chris Richardson

You couldn’t make it up

Lesley Maxwell

Why is it that I feel Northen Fail #Arriva are hoping for government measures to be brought in?

By continuing to fail so magnificently, the government may have no choice than to implement (this has happened to other railways) measures that would see Arriva’ initial financial investment protected (they won’t have broken their contract), but then the government take over the day to day running of the service?

Something to ponder....

Karen Jackson

I was lucky to get to Blackpool by Northern trains, but coming home they had cancelled the 16.41 train and then when the next available train came at 17.34 they then had no driver.

Stephen Smith

Just arrived from Euston & wanting to travel to Poulton. 2304 cancelled. 2317 cancelled. 2352 cancelled. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Martin Rogers

The rail network is so unreliable now, that using public transport is no longer an option.

Northern should lose its licence, the directors and senior managers should all be fired, and get people in that can actually do the job.

George Gould

They got rid of lots of experienced people years ago, one thing you can’t bring in is experience - you reap what you sow.

Carl Longfield

How do these clowns still have the licence?

Darren Taylor

As someone who has previously relied on rail to get places I’m so glad I have passed my driving test so I don’t need to.

Vicki Fleming

It was no different back in the 60s as it is today, go slows, strikes, overcrowding, standing most of time, some disgusting smells.

Our infrastructure has never kept up with demand, we’re an overcrowded island.

Keith Curtis

The current shambles creates a huge bureaucracy, profiteering and appalling trains with too few carriages.

The demand is there, the need to get people out of their cars is there, it just needs the will.

John Chapman

Don’t worry folks! The man who can- Paul Maynard -will be “monitoring” the situation.

Nadia Wallace

They cancelled our train to the airport two weeks ago.

Left us stranded with flights to catch.

Rang them for help and even their own customer services hadn’t got a clue.

Karen Grimmett