New lease of life for iconic Mount

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PLANS are afoot to breathe a new lease of life into one of Fleetwood’s most iconic buildings.

A team of volunteers is to be appointed to bring the Mount Pavilion into the 21st Century with events and programmes and even a new cafe in the landmark site.

An appeal for people to join a Fleetwood task force was made at the town’s area forum.

Sally Richardson, community engagement coordinator for Wyre Strategic Partnership, said she hoped people would come forward to help run community events in the town.

Organising events at the pavilion would be a priority and a cafe in the Mount currently boarded up was a possibility.


She said: “ I need a group of volunteers to develop ideas in the community and to help develop projects for Fleetwood and to work with me.

“I have six area forums and I can’t develop projects for all of them.

“But the Mount will be a priority, it’s a beautiful building.”

She added: “It’s a gorgeous site which is currently being wasted by not being used.

“First, I’m waiting to see what people want and what the residents of Fleetwood want.”

A new cafe for the pavilion was first mooted four months ago after the Fleetwood Forum was given a grant of 2,000 from the strategic partnership.

The forum voted for a cafe as their top priority.

The project has become a distinct possibility with Wyre Council committing to install running water and toilets at the site.

The last time the pavilion had a tenant was in 2007 when the Proud to be British company ran their business from the building but they were eventually forced out by a devastating re on bonfire night that year.

Wyre Council has restored the building and carried out maintenance work and painting to the exterior but has been unable to attract new occupants.

For a long time the pavilion was occupied by a craft guild.

The area was due to get a boost thanks to a donation from Fleetwood benefactor Doreen Lofthouse, boss of Fisherman’s Friend lozenge company. She is contributing to the Sea change project to transform the Marine Gardens at Fleetwood and there will be enough money to provide new railings around the Mount Park.

Anyone interested in joining the Fleetwood task force should call ( 01253) 887494.