New chapter for reading dads

How do you get more kids to go to the library?

Making them look a bit more like this is certainly not going to hurt.

Kelvin Giles with daughter Grace, aged four

Kelvin Giles with daughter Grace, aged four

These proud dads were keen to show of their handiwork as the revamp of the children’s reading area at Central Library was completed.

It follows a similar overhaul at Palatine that has seen a sharp upturn in youngsters coming through the doors.

And with three more libraries set for a community-led makeover, it is hoped many more young people will soon benefit.

Community engagement officer Colin Smy, who has been working with the dads group on the project, said: “It’s making a big difference.

“They are massively proud of what they have done. It’s given them a sense of ownership and their ideas are coming to life. Most of the work is done by them – they do the painting, drilling, putting it together.”

Revoe, Layton and Mereside libraries are all due for a similar makeover.