My 1,000 e-mails and letters a week

Eric Ollerenshaw - My week in Westminster
Eric Ollerenshaw - My week in Westminster
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PEOPLE often ask what it’s like being an MP, and it’s very hard to describe.

The word to sum it up, is “busy”. A lot of my time is spent working on matters that are important to my constituents. I receive around 1,000 emails and letters every week and I do my best to ensure that everybody who contacts me gets a personal response.

It has been extremely gratifying to have helped people with problems, especially when I have been able to finally resolve a situation that had been ongoing for a long time.

Representing such a diverse constituency, means that I get to meet a wide range of groups and organisations.

This week I had a meeting with Monitor, the NHS Foundation Trust regulator, to discuss the performance of our local NHS Hospital Trusts and with local union representatives about employment in our area.

In addition, following a recent Parliamentary Question I asked about fly-tipping, I had a meeting with Keep Britain Tidy.

One thing that always strikes me, and it’s something I’ve discussed with our Town Council about, is the shortage of litter bins in Fleetwood.

I will be attending All Party Parliamentary Group meetings on Bosnia, Rail in the North and Social Mobility and I am sponsoring a reception for the Limb Loss Association.

I was also busy organising an event to celebrate Lancashire Day in Parliament on Monday.

I’m often frustrated when some of my southern colleagues think that all there is to the North West of England is Manchester and Liverpool.

No Lancashire event would be complete without a local tipple, and courtesy of our own “Fuzzy Duck Brewery” there was some special 175 Fleetwood Ale for sampling.