Moves to end car parking woe at Highbury stadium

Double yellow lines to ease congestion around Fleetwood Town Football Club will be in place by October.

The move comes after a long campaign by residents over parking issues and claims drivers were speeding along Park Avenue and Nelson Road.

The lines will be painted at the junctions of Nelson Road and Gordon Road, Hatfield 
Avenue and Peel Road, Broomfield Road, Highbury Avenue and Nelson Road and at the junction of Addison Road and Peel Road.

Coun Ian Duffy, who has fought the corner for residents, said: “We welcome this good news and hope it improves road safety in the area.

“We do understand that these measures are not going to address the current residents’ parking problems and we are still pushing for 
further measures, including a resident-only parking scheme.

“However further 
monitoring of the area needs to take place first to see if Fleetwood Town’s promotion has made the situation even worse this season.”

Resident Elaine Baines, who has lived in Park Avenue for 50 years welcomed the move but said: “It needs double yellow lines along the full length of the park side of the road.

“It’s not wide enough when cars are parked either side and cars are always speeding along here.

Another resident, Sharon Hargreaves, who lives directly opposite the football club said: “Its been a nightmare.

“People park right across my drive so double yellow lines will stop that.”

There was no-one available for comment from Fleetwood Town Football Club.