More grammar school will increase inequality

Should we have more grammar schools?
Should we have more grammar schools?

If Tim Mickleburgh is really interested in equality in education then he should be against the expansion of grammar schools (Your Say Letters, August 23).

Firstly, there is little evidence that grammar schools are as effective as some may think.

For example, the Institute of Education recently found that “grammar school pupils do not gain any advantage over children who do not attend a grammar school”.

This same research was reported in The Telegraph (hardly a Labour-supporting paper) under the headline “Grammar schools do not help children achieve academic success”.

Secondly, there is overwhelming evidence that grammar schools will not lead to greater equality.

Researchers at Durham University have looked at the effect of selection on pupil attainment and concluded that “…there is no evidence that grammar schools

can promote social mobility…”.

Also, The Institute of Fiscal Studies reviewed evidence regarding grammar schools and social mobility and reported that expanding the number of grammar schools in England will “increase inequality”.

Danny Breen

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