Mixed views on park link

Councillors Ian and Ruth Duffy.
Councillors Ian and Ruth Duffy.

COUNCILLORS have vowed to support residents in a quiet cul-de-sac over proposals to create a through-path into the town’s Memorial Park.

Councillors Ian and Ruth Duffy say some residents fear their quiet street, off Highbury Avenue, would be disrupted by dog walkers, cyclists and groups of youths if the plans go ahead.

Wyre Council is planning to knock down fencing which separates two pieces of council-owned grassy space, and allow public access into the park at the bottom of Rowntree Avenue.

The council says it makes sense to create one bigger green space, tidy it up and allow people a handy access route into the park. Wyre is consulting with residents about the issue, and they have until January 21 to make their feelings known.

A Wyre spokeswoman said: “We will listen to local opinion and scrap the plans if residents don’t want it.”

Coun Ruth Duffy said: “This is a quiet street and this could cause a lot of disruption. We have been liaising with residents and letting them know we will support them if it goes ahead against their views.”

There were mixed views when the Weekly News spoke to a number of residents on the street, Steve Drury, 43, a father of six-year-old twins, said: “I have lived on this street for about 20 years and we have always liked it because it is quiet and we feel safe here. If this pathway is opened linking up to the park, I think more people will come down here who don’t normally come here, including kids on bikes and dog walkers. And giving us this rushed deadline of January 21 is irritating.”

Mum-of-one Charlene Moran, 28, said: “I’m worried this will bring more dog mess and youths causing trouble,”

But Pat Durnian said: “I don’t think it will make any difference at all.”

And Patricia Houghton added: “I would actually welcome having a proper link to the park. I think people are worrying for nothing.”