Missionary drowned after allegations made

A man has been arrested
A man has been arrested

A missionary drowned himself after accusations were made against him, an inquest heard.

Percy Watkins, 58, a member of the Church with No Name, died in a bath at a house in Freckleton.

A note was found written by Percy Watkins which said he was sorry for all the trouble he had caused

The nature of the allegations was not divulged in the inquest and police say they were never reported to them.

However, a coroner yesterday heard Mr Watkins left a note saying he wanted to ‘give my accuser some peace.’

Mr Watkins had been attending meetings in Lancashire with friend Peter Liddle and UK overseer Ben Crompton.

The inquest, held in Blackpool, was told Mr Watkins came from Waterstone, near Hereford, but he preached in the North West. His religious group, also known as the Two by Twos, do not have church buildings and meet in members’ homes.

Lancashire Police launched an investigation after his body was found at a detached bungalow on Kirkham Road, Freckleton, in February this year.

Det Sgt Simon Pritchard told the inquest Mr Watkins had been staying with fellow followers of the religion. One of them raised the alarm and paramedics attended who called in the police.

Det Sgt Pritchard said: “Allegations had been made against Percy Watkins but no police force had been involved by his accuser.

“A note was found written by Percy Watkins which said he was sorry for all the trouble he had caused. He wrote ‘I hope this will give my accuser some peace for the sake of the kingdom.’

“There was no sign of any violence or disturbance in the house. We have checked nationwide to see if Percy Watkins had been named as a suspect but we could find no record of it. We did take his mobile phone and there messages which said he was going through a dark time.

Deputy coroner Chris Beverley recorded drowning as the cause of death. He said: “Percy Watkins took his own life in a deliberate act.”