Mini moto nuisance blitz in Fleetwood

A mini moto
A mini moto

Fleetwood Police are clamping down on young people riding mini motorbikes – and have seized three already.

Officers seized one motorbike, a 125cc, from a rider who had no licence, no insurance, MOT or road tax.

The bike was confiscated after complaints that young people were riding the ‘mini motos’ in the Belmont Road and Radcliffe Road areas of the town.

Now the problem has spread to the West View estate and officers are warning 
riders that it will not be tolerated.

Fleetwood’s community beat manager PC Ian Lester said: “Two more mini motos have now been seized which were being used in Eamont Place and Chatsworth Avenue.

“They were being used on grass areas around the estate including Rede Avenue and Eden Avenue.

“Mini motos are classed as motorbikes and riders have to be mindful that if they are caught they could face a £200 fine and disqualification if they are driving without a valid licence and documentation.”

The offenders are generally aged between 12 and 21 and officers say the bikes can be bought easily second hand for as little at £20 on eBay.

New ones are less than £100.

“It’s a seasonal thing with warmer days and lighter nights, but they cannot be used on a public highway, only on private land with the permission of the owner,” said PC Lester.

“They can be very dangerous and could cause serious injury or even kill if they were involved in a collision.”