Mal’s coffin is ready to fly!

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Cleveleys man Malcolm Brocklehurst aims to go out in a style – with a coffin painted tangerine and shaped like an aeroplane, including wings, propellers and wheels!

Grandfather Malcolm, 77, a former aircraft manual writer who is a keen Blackpool FC fan, wants his funeral service to be a celebration of his life rather than a sad affair.

So when he does eventually pass on to the other side, he wants to be remembered in a way that will put a smile on loved ones’ faces.

He has already had the coffin made, and it will even be included in a big exhibition of “crazy coffins” in London this weekend.

Malcolm, of North Drive, told the Weekly News: “I am still fighting fit but I got the idea after watching a TV programme last year. It was about Las Vegas and included a section in a funeral emporium, where some people were having these special coffins made. Instead of it just being a long wooden box, one of them had his coffin made in the shape of a Cadillac.

“It got me thinking how much fun it would be, and I decided to go on the internet.”

With his aeronautical background and his allegiance to the Tangerine Army, Malcolm had firm ideas for his own coffin. He was able to make contact with a Nottingham firm, aptly called Crazy Coffins.

“They told me they had never done an aeroplane before and were interested in the challenge,” he said. Malcolm, happily married to Mary, is also planning his funeral.

He plans to have his coffin taken to Bloomfield Road, stadium of his beloved Seasiders, and pushed to the centre spot while the club’s theme song, Glad All Over, booms out over the tannoy system.

It will then be taken to Carleton Crematorium.

Here, when the coffin will be made ready for incineration, loved ones will be able to see a papier-mâché dummy, with a cartoon head of Malcolm, in the cockpit of the plane.

The last words to be spoken will be a tape of Malcolm saying: “Choks away, chaps – fly me to the Moon!”

Malcolm added: “I want it to be light hearted – no tears.”

A festival of crazy coffins begins at London’s South Bank Centre this weekend – and Malcolm’s will be among them.