Lifelong appeal for ‘Second Skin’ suits

Summer Van Bogerijen
Summer Van Bogerijen

The parents of a Fleetwood youngster, who has complex physical and development disabilities, are hoping to launch a lifelong appeal to keep their daughter in special body suits.

Summer Van Bogerijen is six years old and has a neuro disorder called Polymicrogyria. Last year the Weekly News backed an appeal to raise money to buy her a ‘Second Skin’ body suit, made in Australia and costing in excess of £2,000.But side effects from new medication has given Summer a huge growth spurt and after visiting specialists in Manchester last week, she has now outgrown it. Devoted mum Stacey, of Carr Road, said: “Caring for Summer is a round-the-clock job, and is getting harder as she gets bigger, she is the light of our life and we are truly blessed to have her.

“But all the fighting for equipment and much needed care is a constant battle. The second skin has proved to have a positive effect on Summer’s life. When she is wearing it she will try and use her hands to play with toys, she sits better and can hold her head up. This decreases the amount of pain she is in due to strain.

“And ultimately it is slowing down the scoliosis in her spine. Summer wearing the second skin is enriching and prolonging her life”.

Now Stacey, 35, and husband Andrew want to launch an ongoing appeal to raise money to keep Summer in her suits. They are due to meet representatives from Cash for Kids to enlist their support The national charity, which helps local children with a broad spectrum of needs, will hopefully take over the running of Summer’s appeal.

“It’s something we are going to have to do but it’s a huge task and we need some help.” If you would like to help with a fundraising event, please contact Stacey on 07715344351.