Letters: We all need to care more and support people

Is the man inside No.10 Downing Street leading the country in the right direction?
Is the man inside No.10 Downing Street leading the country in the right direction?

This week's mailbag includes letters on people who are falling through the cracks in society, and the shenanigans in parliament

We need to care for vulnerable

I witnessed an upsetting situation yesterday on a 10-minute bus ride to Poulton.

As I sat down, I was aware of a woman on a double seat, bent towards the floor, and a man on a seat facing the aisle, also bent forward. They’d both be early 50s.

At first I thought they were looking for something that one of them had dropped, but it soon became apparent that these two people were “spaced out”, either by drugs or alcohol.

The man stirred a couple of times, attempting to sit upright, but then fell forward again towards the floor. The woman never moved from her position.

When we arrived at Poulton, everyone got off, except these two people and the driver had to go to them, clapping his hands and saying it was time to get off, which they did, in a very unsteady manner.

I heard the woman say : “I don’t know where I am,” before they both ambled off.

They would both start life, as we all do, by their mothers

giving birth to them, but how they were treated and raised had obviously produced dire consequences.

What chain of events happened that made them flee from the real world and desire not to be in it? What type of society have we allowed to be cultivated, when there are countless people on drugs and alcohol, causing misery not only to themselves, but to their families too?

Life isn’t easy when we abide by the rules – the 10 commandments. When we break them, it’s doubly hard!

We all need to care more for and support other people.

Mrs J Geddes

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Johnson seems to be a despot

Closing down our parliament is the act of a despot.

We have an unelected Prime Minister acting against an elected Parliament to force through a deal none of us voted for and which will hurt not him and his wealthy clique but the ordinary Briton.

Now this blustering bully wants to sack moderate Tory MPs who stand up to him. Yet this is the same Boris Johnson who voted against his predecessor’s Brexit withdrawal bill.

Don’t do as I do, do as I say is the action of a hypocrite. It’s time to take back control in the name of British democracy.

Mr D Smith

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Citizens are being ignored

The act of proroguing Parliament has incensed me to such an extent that I feel I must

express my reaction publicly.

The referendum result stands, but a No Deal outcome was not suggested or debated.

It is, therefore, not mandated.

We mandate our elected

representatives to make important decisions on our behalf for the benefit and

protection of all in Britain, even if some among us do

not like some of those


Taking that power away, without our permission, is a loss of our power as British people over how Britain is governed now and in the future.

Whatever your view on Brexit, the decision to prorogue Parliament is an affront to our rights as British citizens and I implore you to reject it and stand up for those rights.

Margaret Baugh

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Instructions were too small

Recently, I had to visit the optician with a corneal abrasion, as it was causing blurring of my vision.

I was prescribed eye ointment. Struggling to open the tube, I found the instructions for use were so small I couldn’t read them.

It was all very helpful, I don’t think. Who designs these things?

Hilary Andrews

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