Letters: The Conservatives shouldn't play politics with climate change

Two Wyre councillors have written in to say more urgent action needs to be taken in the borough to help reach a zero carbon emission target
Two Wyre councillors have written in to say more urgent action needs to be taken in the borough to help reach a zero carbon emission target

This week's mailbag includes letters on climate change and the war on drugs

Don’t put politics ahead of climate

When it comes to tackling climate change, the old saying that ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’, perfectly sums up the complacent attitude of Wyre Conservative and UKIP councillors.

With the United Nations warning of an impending climate catastrophe unless countries take steps to limit global warming to 1.5C by 2030, Wyre Labour submitted a motion to July’s Full Council calling for action to be taken to meet a net zero carbon emission target by 2030.

Although the climate emergency declaration was backed by all councillors, when it came to the key issue, Wyre Conservatives, with support from Fleetwood’s UKIP councillors, disappointingly chose to force through a change in the timescales to 2050.

It could be the Conservatives were motivated by a wish to stay in line with their Party’s national position, or it could be that their inability to accept a Labour initiative was down to bloody mindedness. Either way, it’s wrong-headed to put political considerations ahead of the existential threat mankind faces.

Having already instigated changes to the Business Plan we are pleased our action has resulted in a commitment to move to net zero emissions. However, we are deeply disappointed that Wyre won’t be playing a fuller role in tackling climate change.

It’s true the council is better positioned thanks to Labour action, but by delaying the zero-emission target date, Wyre is now out of step with many other councils. With the UN warning of catastrophic global consequences of exceeding a 1.5C rise in temperature, Wyre Labour implore the ruling group to urgently re-think its stance.

We need to act now; 2050 is too late.

Coun Rob Fail & Coun Lorraine Beavers

Leader and Deputy Leader of Wyre Group Of Labour Councillors

Prevention is better than cure

Recently, the BBC had an article on the 6pm news concerning illegal drug use in Scotland, highlighting that it had significantly increased in recent times.

The article described proposals to have rooms where users could be allowed to take their drugs as well as many other intentions to help those affected.

Not at any stage in the broadcast were the two words ‘dealer’ or ‘supplier’ used.

Clearly, whilst everything reasonably possible should be done to help addicts, like all problems, prevention rather than cure should be the main approach.

Like the scourge of fly-tipping, those who cause the drugs to be available in the first place should be hit hardest.

My view is that until we have laws where those in possession of drugs are given very long prison sentences in jails, unlike our holiday camps, the problem of drugs will remain fuelling most crime that affects law-abiding citizens.

Philip Crowther

address supplied

Doom-mongers must be honest

Doom-monger Chancellor Phillip Hammond has forecast a £30billion hit if we have a no-deal Brexit. Additionally, the Office of Budget Responsibility predicts a GDP two per cent reduction by 2020.

Yet neither have taken into account the devastating effect a no-deal will have on the EU.

Firstly, the House of Lords have decreed the UK has no legal duty to pay the proposed £39billion divorce bill, offering us a £9billion surplus.

Secondly, it is likely the Euro will take a sharp downturn when the largest contributing member leaves. The project fear brigade has to be honest – the negotiations are a two-way process, and leaving a no-deal on the table ensures the EU offers a sensible way forward.

Jim Sokol

via email