Letters - September 20, 2019

What are your views on High Speed 2?
What are your views on High Speed 2?

HS2 will not help us here in the north

I can’t really see the benefits of HS2 to the North. For the North to prosper we need investment and development in our region, which means improving communication and transport links locally.

We need jobs and facilities where we are and where we can access them easily. I don’t see how a high speed rail link to London helps us in any way.

All it does is make us another suburb, provide access to cheaper houses for those working in the capital and an easy way for our talented people to leave.

We need Government money, our money really, to be spent in our area to encourage growth and prosperity for young people, to allow them to live and work where they were born.

It is time the North got its fair share of the national pie and was allowed to realise its full potential.

To achieve this aim the North needs to work together, to speak with one voice and to take the Government to task.

Make them stop talking and promising and do!

Hopefully the next general election will enable us to get rid of the current batch of ineffectual politicians and get some in with vision, integrity and a desire to promote the future and prosperity of the people who elect them.

Richard Saberton

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‘Campaign’ against needy already felt

I thank Coun Christian Cox for his response pointing out that in fact, the Tory Party do not intend to put the retirement age up to 75 (Your Say, September 18).

I would assume though, after 10 years of austerity, Brexit and Boris Johnson the average life-span of a male in Blackpool will no doubt have fallen to 68 by 2035. It seems at 65 there is already real struggle, as reported by the Gazette just the other day.

Sit back and relax Councillor Cox, the Tory party’s ongoing campaign against our most needy and vulnerable is already seen and felt in abundance all over the town.

Rob Mason

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Politicians don’t deserve to sleep

Former PM David Cameron complains he hasn’t slept well since the Referendum result.

This, despite having been in hibernation for the past three years. Did he ever contemplate about the millions of sleepless nights he imposed on the victims of his austerity policies?

In contrast, the current PM claims he falls effortlessly asleep reading poetry. Based on his recent voting failures in Parliament, I wonder if the lines, ‘the boy stood on the burning deck’ delay his embrace of the arms of Morpheus?

Denis Lee



This parliament is totally corrupt

In a democracy, sovereignty resides with the people – not Parliament.

Our representatives in Parliament are not delegates and may use their judgement in most cases. But in the case of the 2016 Referendum, set up by Parliament itself, with a government distributed booklet containing the promise to implement what the people chose, MPs put themselves in the position of being merely the executors of the people’s decision.

Except for this dishonourable Parliament, of course, which discards our Leave vote, but would not have discarded a Remain vote. The self-serving MPs failed to warn the electorate that one of the two options in the 2016 Referendum would not be allowed.

That is both corrupt and immoral. It is far worse than the expenses scandal.

Nick Martinek

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This is why we laugh at politicians

Look at the last few weeks in politics. Boris Johnson compares himself to The Incredible Hulk and Dominic Raab calls it a good metaphor.

Jo Swinson accepts Sam Gyimah, Chuka Umunna and Phillip Lee into the Lib Dems.

Labour fail utterly to articulate their policy on Brexit

None of them are qualified to do their jobs. David Cameron attempts to avoid responsibility for the utter mess of Brexit by blaming everyone else so his profile in the history books of the future will improve.

And they wonder why we despise them?

R Kimble

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