Letters - June 7, 2019

Would Ken Clarke be the best choice for the next Conservative leader? One veteran Labour supporter believes so
Would Ken Clarke be the best choice for the next Conservative leader? One veteran Labour supporter believes so

Appeal to Ken Clarke from a Labour voter

I have just written to Ken Clarke to ask him to stand for the Tory leadership, because I truly believe that he is the one Tory who has the ability to unite the fragmented country.

I will be 88 next month and recall the 30s under the Tory governments and what it was like for the working class at the time.

As for the outgoing PM May, does anyone recall her ever giving any credit to the staff who stayed and worked under her after all the ‘big hitters’ resigned.

She is unbelievable and patronising (her way or the highway).

Her treatment of the Windrush affair was a disgrace. I recall Blackpool for a week during the war and seeing the thousands of RAF men marching down the prom or doing their PT on the sands and all the different uniforms, especially from the commonwealth.

I am a lifelong Labour supporter, there’s a lot of talk about the mess the Tories inherited from Labour but it was nothing to what the Labour party took on after the war, massive damage everywhere from air raids (I lost three pals in the Christmas blitz on Manchester, road and rail transport systems were run into the ground, the merchant navy was decimated, thousands of military killed or wounded, and up to our ears in debt to the USA.

Will Power

Victoria Road West


Mental Health

Education will save lives

Dear Prime Minister,

My name is Sara Blaylock, and I am writing this letter on behalf of myself, my family, friends and every ‘one in four’ members of the UK population who suffer with mental illness.

We are all familiar with how stretched our mental health departments are and I can’t help but want to be part of finding a solution for this.

My initial idea would be to construct an informative course within our colleges that address the risk factors, signs and severity of mental health.

My second idea would be that this course could be a free night course twice a week, resulting in a recognised qualification, giving the individual access to work within a mental health field with a basic understanding of complex disorders, mental health first aid and the anatomical side, exploring the brain and the physical change that happens during a depressive episode, anxiety, psychosis etc.

I think this would be so beneficial to our society and would help reduce the stigma.

My fifth therapist introduced me to the brain and how the hippocampus and amygdala are physically affected during trauma. This opened up a new world for me and finally gave me a sense of acceptance. I understood my brain and became friends with it.

Imagine the way we could alter society’s perception just by giving the basic understanding of the brain!

Let us educate our communities and allow our mental health facilities to thrive and deliver the best person-centred care.

Let’s give people a qualification to work within the field of mental health and provide stability, not only for our patients, service users and their families, but for our staff too. We, as a nation, hold the power to prevent suicide, to lower the one in four statistic and to renovate our education choices.

Not only will this help our mental health departments but will also empower each individual out there suffering with mental health. This will show them that we recognise their pain and are making changes to help them live their life with the stability and confidence they desire.

I would love to be involved with the structure of this course. I would share my personal experience of going from turmoil to strength and recovery to let people know that, with the right level of understanding and knowledge, we can help people know they matter before it is too late.

I can’t express enough how close this is to my heart and the impact I have seen on people’s lives due to mental illness and the lack of understanding that comes with it.

Everyone deserves a chance to be seen, heard and recognised for who they truly are. Not only do I believe this will work, I believe it will save lives.

Sara Blaylock

via email


Articles rang true on Tory shambles

I must write to you about the Universal Credit articles in the Gazette - very good, how very true.

I was going to put it as great article - but it seemed wrong - a total Tory shambles from the DWP sending fit to work letters out to dying people, like Stephen Smith, from Liverpool and a man going to Switzerland to die, had their benefits staggered. So sad in Britain in 2019.

Mr Armstrong

Cherry Tree Road