Letters - August 17, 2019

Our examination system is a farce, says Dr Barry Clayton. What do you think?
Our examination system is a farce, says Dr Barry Clayton. What do you think?

Our examination system is a farce

The evidence of how examination boards have manipulated A-Level marks in order to hide poor results is shocking.

In subjects such as maths, physics, English and history, A grades have been awarded to candidates who scored only 50 per of the marks. In some subjects 20 per cent gained you a pass!

The absence of course work, which could be and in many cases was, copied off the internet or aided by relatives, and the return to essay based questions proved too much for many students.

One board required 89 per cent for an A grade in English while another board asked for only 69 per cent for an A in the same subject . Already top universities are planning remedial classes for candidates in order for them to cope with degree courses in maths, science and engineering.

Our examination system is a farce and a disgrace. Little wonder that our international standing has fallen significantly.

Today we are turning out students clutching in many cases worthless bits of paper. There is much badly wrong with our teaching and our standards.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


The electorate have been misled

Would anyone in their right minds casually fill their shopping trolley at a supermarket with items which are not clearly priced?

Who would book a flight without knowing the destination and cost in advance?

Who would take out a loan or mortgage without knowing the terms and interest rate ?

Nobody in the 2016 referendum ticked a box which stated they will leave the EU in a no deal scenario. The electorate have been misled regardless of what you voted for.

The die hard leave voters may still claim they have ‘won’. What have they won? Years of uncertainty for their grandchildren. If you have toothache you seek the professional advice from a dentist, not a butcher. Equally world economists are fearful of the consequences of a ‘do or die’ no deal cliff edge brexit on October 31, 2019. It would seem the Prime Minister and the guy who calls the bingo down at the local social club knows best.

The sad reality is that so many younger people who did not vote to leave the EU (and certainly not for a no deal situation) now face many years of economic uncertainty.

How much time, focus and money has been lost over the past thee years. Money that could have been spent on many worthwhile causes and prosperous future investments. To date Brexit has deepened layers of social division and caused nothing but months of self destructive political purgatory.

Parliament is very much like the theatre. Prior preparation prevents a poor performance. The Brexit drama BAFTA award goes to Boris Johnson.

Stephen Pierre

via email


Absolutely no one voted for this chaos

It came as no surprise to me when Boris Johnson won the Tory leadership election. What I cannot understand, however, is how, with little over 92,000 votes cast by only Conservative party members, he believes he has a mandate to take the UK out of the EU; potentially without a deal.

Whatever else one may think of Theresa May, she at least had the decency to go to the country at the earliest opportunity after Article 50 (notifying the UK’s intention to leave the European Union) had been invoked, to get a mandate to negotiate a deal.

My personal perception of Boris Johnson is that he’s a self-serving man whose lifelong ambition has been to become Prime Minister. I do not believe that he holds the country’s interests at heart and we shall all suffer badly under his premiership.

But surely even he is not so arrogant as to try to steamroller a no-deal Brexit through Parliament with the apparent approval of only about 0.2 per cent of the electorate?

I have been told that there will be a problem in me accessing my daily medications because of a no-deal Brexit.

What mandate does the PM have to compromise the health and wellbeing of people like me when we were all unequivocally promised sunlit uplands in 2016?

I believe we should have the right to change our mind through a final-say referendum, especially with America rubbing its hands in glee at finally getting market access to our precious public services after Brexit. Absolutely no one voted for this chaos.

Victoria Randall

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