Leaks bring ceilings down – in new flats

Kevin Miles with his collapsed ceiling, and resulting debris, at his flat at Gulliver's Court, Fleetwood.
Kevin Miles with his collapsed ceiling, and resulting debris, at his flat at Gulliver's Court, Fleetwood.

A HOUSING association insists a series of water leaks which occurred in a new block of Fleetwood flats is down to teething problems.

New Fylde Housing’s Gulliver’s Court at Laidleys Walk, opened only this year, but a series of floods have seen ceilings collapse and tenants’ belongings soaked.

One resident Kevin Miles, 69, who lives in a ground floor flat at the over-55s development, saw his ceiling fall down under the weight of water from the flat above – only six weeks after a similar incident.

The retired coal-miner said: “We could see the ceiling getting worse and then it just crashed down. It’s a real mess. I would like it all checked to make sure it’s right.

“I love living here, I don’t want to move. The first time the builder came and cut a hole in the ceiling and dried the water out.

“But on the Friday the hot water supply in the wall upstairs started leaking and came into my ceiling. It must have been leaking for 24 hours but the lady upstairs didn’t notice it because it was in the back of her sink unit.”

Lynn Randles, who lives in the apartment above, said she had also had holes appearing in her ceiling when water poured in from the flat above her.

She added: “When I had my flood the water came down the light fittings and the air extractor and set off the smoke alarm – it was going for two-and-a-half hours.”

The flats were constructed for New Fylde Housing by Melrose Homes, whose quantity surveyor Andrew Wilkinson said: “Nothing has gone wrong. The job was done to all relevant building standards of the NHBC. We have had a couple of leaks which we have fixed.”

Richard Lowthian, head of housing services at New Fylde Housing, said the issues were teething problems found in most new-build properties.

He added: “We apologise for any inconvenience these issues have caused. The safety of our residents and quality of our homes are our utmost priority.

“With all new developments, we expect some minor defects in the first year. Since tenants moved in in March, there has been a handful of plumbing defects. All defects we have been notified of have been rectified promptly. We are working with Melrose to assess if there are any further plumbing issues.”