Labour leader’s hopes for port

Wyre Labour Leader Councillor Ruth Duffy
Wyre Labour Leader Councillor Ruth Duffy
  • Coun Ruth Duffy to lead Labour group on Wyre Council
  • Former leader Penny Martin lost seat in election
  • All of Fleetwood’s elected borough councillors are Labour
  • Conservatives retain huge majority on council

Fleetwood’s Labour councillors have voted in a new leader to guide them through the next term at Wyre Council.

Coun Ruth Duffy, who has been a councillor for Mount ward for the past 12 years, says she is looking to work across the boundaries and also with the majority-led Conservative council.

We will disagree about issues but I want to work with the Conservative councillors amicably and with respect

Coun Ruth Duffy

The role became available after former labour leader Penny Martin lost her seat at the elections on May 7.

Coun Duffy said: “For me it is a completely new role and I admit I am a little nervous and it will be a learning curve.

“It’s a case of working with everyone across the boundaries.

“It is also about working together as a council.

“We will disagree about issues but I want to work with the Conservative councillors amicably and with respect.

“They do form the majority and at certain times we simply can’t win a debate because we are outnumbered – but the residents are always at the forefront of our minds and we will do our best to get the message across.”

Ruth, who is a nurse, says she will be concentrating on the issues that matter in Fleetwood.

“Locally, the ongoing problems include parking around the football ground,” she added.

“We have tried to get ‘residents only’ parking but that’s not happening at the moment.

“Potholes in the roads is also an issue which needs addressing.

Nationally, Coun Duffy said Labour’s poor performance at the General Election was quite a shock for everyone.

She added: “We knew it would be tight but didn’t realise how much the margin would be. There was a lot of scaremongering about the Scottish National Party and UKIP got quite a few votes, too, which didn’t help Labour.

“I am Labour through and through and I hope to give this new role my best shot.”

“I want to thank the residents of Mount ward for voting for me. I will always work for them and help them in any which way I can.”