Knott End ferry is vital

Pictures Martin Bostock'The Fleetwood Knott End Ferry.
Pictures Martin Bostock'The Fleetwood Knott End Ferry.

KNOTT End ferry users say the link is vital for businesses and tourism, as a review of the service is launched.

The made their comments following Wyre Council’s announcement the service is to be the subject of a routine Value for Money Review (VMR).

The authority says the service will continue running, but it will look into its costs, as well as those of a replacement bus service

Bob Downes, 77, of Upper Lune Street, Fleetwood, said: “There’s a lot of cyclists who come over in the summer and that’s great for the economy.

“I go over and have my lunch with my wife and it’s a great when you can look back at the town.

“There’s a lot of people who come and shop here because Knott End only has a choice of between 10 and 15 shops.

“People come here because they can go to Asda and then take their shopping back on the ferry with them.”

John Gregson, 71, of Kildare Road, Bispham, added: “It’s a wonderful service for people in Fleetwood and Knott End.

“It won’t do Fleetwood any good if it’s not running.

“They need to put more money into it.

“It takes 30 seconds to get across and it’s a great service. There’s a lot of coaches and trams coming up to Fleetwood which helps trade, but we need this to keep more people coming in.”

Mike Stevens, 26, of St John Avenue, Fleetwood, uses the ferry to visit his girlfriend in Pilling.

He said: “If I had to get the bus it would take about an hour and 10 minutes while the ferry takes 30 seconds.

“This only costs £1.50 a ticket and the council should look at saving money elsewhere and improving this.

“They should think about subsidising the cost of a ticket and put more money into the ferry, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was taken away.”

Christine Hart, 64, and husband Leslie Hart, 62, were visiting Fleetwood from St Helens and said the ferry is one of many which makes the town stand out.

Mrs Hart added: “It gives us a change from all the bus rides too. It certainly would be missed (if it ever disappeared) because it’s such a long way to get to Knott End without the ferry.”

Wyre Council currently provides an all-year service, thanks to the all-weather £350,000 vessel Wyre Rose, but Lancashire County Council is also a stakeholder which provides funding.

A Wyre Council spokeswoman, last week, told The Weekly News: “The council would like to reiterate the scope of this review does not include exploring options to close the services.”

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