Kicking and punching our way through Blackpool's martial arts’ past

St Annes Taewkondo Club in 1984

We take a look back at martial arts in action across the Fylde coast

Do you recognise any of these chops off the old block?

Blackpool Keidokwai Judo and Karate Club got a demonstration from Bob Poynton, British Karate Champion, 1976

Aces from Blackpools Commonwealth Karate Club gave the opposition the chop in a national competition in 1988

Ten-year-olds Michael Wood (Thornton) and Paul Whitley (Bispham) battle it out in a 1990 taekwondo match

Bispham Taekwondo Karate Club aces won trophies in the British Championships in 1983

Karate display at Bispham Community Centre, in November 1980

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