Kathy to the rescue for hospital dementia patients

Kathy Cooke
Kathy Cooke

A knitting star has come to the rescue of dementia patients by adding to dwindling supplies of twiddle pockets.

Kathy Cooke, 66, from Cleveleys, dedicates all her time to knitting for charity.

She has just finished a batch of jumpers to send to Africa and recently won a BBC Christmas Stars Award for her charity work.

But she has also spent more than 80 hours knitting 10 twiddle pockets.

A twiddle pocket is a knitted pocket or glove that has attachments added to it that patients can twiddle and fiddle with.

Also known as Twiddlemuffs, they are used to calm patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s by giving them something to do with their hands.

Six months after twiddle pockets were launched within Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Kathy turned up just when she was needed.

Kathy is no stranger to donating to hospitals and other good causes. She said: “I’ve been knitting since I was four years old, it’s very therapeutic and gives me something to do with my time.

“I think everyone should just do all they can to be kind to others and do one nice thing for someone else every day.

“I do it through knitting.

“Most of the things I knit go abroad where woollen items are really needed but I also do a lot for hospital charities like making blankets for small babies or knitted cribs.”