Inseparable sisters hit magical 90th milestone

Twins Rose Davidson and Lily Moore who celebrated their 90th birthday.
Twins Rose Davidson and Lily Moore who celebrated their 90th birthday.
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Reaching a 90th birthday is big achievement in anyone’s book, but to see through nine decades as twins is even more special.

Rose Davidson and Lily Moore were born 20 minutes apart on April 25 1924 and marked their birthday with a family party.

Originally from Middlesex, Rose has lived in Knott End for almost 30 years having moved with her late husband Fred for their retirement years.

The sisters have an unbreakable bond and it was a natural instinct for Lily to follow her sister here and move in after she lost her beloved husband Bob in 1998.

Lily said: “We finish off each other’s sentences and often think of the same thing at the same time.”

And Rose added: “We still feel each other’s pain.”

Born in Southall, the twins left school at 14 and went to work for Macleans toothpaste where they stayed for three years.

During the war years they went to work at EMI to avoid having to go in the forces and Rose recalled having fun during the blackouts by swapping boyfriends who were unable to tell them apart!

Rose met Fred at an ice rink, having tripped him up, and he served in the Army until he was 26-years-old where he gained an engineering trade.

They had four children. Rose now has five grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Lily married Bob in 1960 and travelled extensively thanks to careers with BAE at Heathrow.

They didn’t have any children but Lily spent much of her time making Arran knits and dressmaking.

These days reading fills up much of Lily’s time and Rose, a pastry maker, still enjoys gardening and takes cutting and plants up seedlings grown from seed on her window sill.

They also play Scrabble several times a day to their own ‘house rules’ when it comes to scoring!

The twins put their longevity down to no smoking and drinking and long living families on both sides.

They have also both kept active and eaten a fairly healthy diet, always home cooked meals.