IN PICTURES: Classic tale brought to life at Memorial Park

Roald Dahl’s classic tale of The Witches was brought to life like never before in Fleetwood, enchanting audiences at the town’s Memorial Park.

Cocooned in an area of the park which forms a natural arena, the location was perfect for such an occasion.

The Witches performed in Fleetwood.

The Witches performed in Fleetwood.

Scores of families, armed with blankets and picnics, packed in to see the 
theatrical performance. The rain held off as the Gambolling Arena Theatre acted out the story of a boy and his grandmother who try to outwit an evil group of witches, who look and act like normal women, but secretly plot to get rid of every child on earth.

With props and speakers, the actors enchanted the 
audience with plenty of cackles, music, fun and interaction with the audience.

Before the two performances, children were invited to take part in a range of activities to support the day with mask-making and other craft activities.

One spectator, Dave Riley, who lives in Fleetwood, said: “It was excellent, they could do this kind of thing again. It’s a great place for outdoor theatre.”

Free of charge, the event was organised as part of the Memorial Park’s £2.4m renovations.

Zoe Smith, who watched with her four-year-old son, Finley, said: “It was lovely to have an organised family event on and Finley loved making his witch puppet 
before the show.

“He said his favourite bit was when the witch came out with the snake!

“However it wasn’t very well advertised and lots of local people I’ve spoken to weren’t aware it was 

Michelle Hargreves, from the Friends of the Memorial Park added: “It was absolutely fabulous and the feedback I have had has been fantastic.

“People are just asking for more!

“The area was formed with open theatre in mind and it worked really well.

“Last year, Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox was performed and that was a success. I think that helped to bring in more people this year.

“The audiences were a lot bigger this year, especially the 2pm showing.

“It’s promoting the park in a positive way and, by involving children, it teaches them to respect their park and look after it.”